About Linea Carpets

The company Linea Carpets, is a family business that started its operation 60 years ago, with a continuous and dynamic presence in the field of carpet. t is one of the oldest and most evolving companies in Thessaloniki and this is due to the deep knowledge of the weaving art of the owner Anastasios Agoulas.</p>
<p>Its foundation in 1959 was based on the manufacture of handmade carpets at all stages of production, such as yarn dyeing, weaving and sale.</p>
<p>You will find the products of Linea Carpets in our stores P. Grigoriou 7 and P. Grigoriou in Ampelokipi with retail and wholesale.
xalia trapezarias

Here you will find carpets for all areas of the house and at amazing prices.