The accepted payment methods in our online store are the following:

  • COD You pay in cash upon receipt of the products from the courier distributor, at the address you have stated.
    (cash on delivery costs: € 2.48).


  • With card
    With debit card
    Use your debit card (or cash withdrawal card) that is linked to your bank account. With the purchase, the money leaves directly from your account and thus, there is no credit.With credit card
    With your credit card, you pay on credit, that is, you can repay the amount of your purchase at a later time.With prepaid:
    If you want to have better control over your expenses, you can issue a prepaid (prepaid) card, which you can ‘load’ with the amount you want to spend on purchases / payments.

    Are card transactions secure?
    Of course! Linea Carpets does not retain any element of your card, while to complete your transactions, you are automatically transferred to the secure environment of Piraeus Bank with which we work.


  • Bank account deposit
    You can pay for your order by depositing or transferring money to one of the following accounts.
    (in a bank branch or through e-banking)
    Piraeus Bank
    Account Number: 5213 089138 444
    In the bank deposit you must enter as a reason your name and the number of your order. In order to execute the order, its payment must have been confirmed in advance. In case of money transfer between accounts held in a different bank, the transfer costs are borne exclusively by the Customer.


  • Payment at the Store
    You pay in cash or by using a debit or credit card upon receipt of the products from the store (P. Grigoriou E’– 56123 Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki).

Here you will find carpets for all areas of the house and at amazing prices.